Das Greenhaus Cover Story: BOERNE LIFESTYLE

We could not have chosen a better month or a more fitting theme to be featured in BOERNE LIFESTYLE. Investment, the theme of the magazine’s April issue, is not only at the heart of what we do here at Das Greenhaus, but it is also what inspired the creation of our organization and it is what our entire mission is built around.

Founder Focus: Sonja Howle & GeoRanch

GeoRanch’s mission is to serve landowners; guiding them in understanding the options, possibilities, and potential of their land. By understanding the landowner’s wishes, Sonja and her team are able to present opportunities for innovative partnerships, leasing, or selling.

Growing the Future of Boerne (Boerne Lifestyle)

It’s no secret that Boerne is booming. This change can be a source of stress for some, while others see it as an opportunity. The folks at Das Greenhaus (DGH) don’t believe these forces of evolution and tradition oppose one another. Instead, they hope their nonprofit can help local leaders harness their power together.

Das Greenhaus (Boerne Business Monthly Cover Feature)

Growth happens best in the right environment. Be it plants, people, or even small businesses, this statement rings true! It was this philosophy that led to the formation of Das Greenhaus, a local business incubator.

“Earned” Marketing for Das Greenhaus

As a startup ourselves, always eager to share our story and tell why and how Das Greenhaus came to be, we were thrilled at the opportunity to do just that in not one, but two local publications last month.

Das Greenhaus: An Open Letter

We’ve attracted remote workers seeking community, dreamers with ideas waiting to be organized and put on paper, and serial entrepreneurs eager to guide others through the bold and audacious steps toward independence.