Business Mentor

Mentoring programs connect new generations of entrepreneurs to experienced professionals. These business mentors provide valuable guidance and support born from their years of experience.

Benefits of a Business Mentor

A business mentor gives young entrepreneurs advice and guidance as they seek to bring their dreams to fruition. Having a mentor can offer innumerable benefits:

The chance to learn from their mentor's mistakes and successes

Industry-specific guidance on business proposals, licensing, etc.

Direct input on current business ideas

Advice on industry best practices

Mentors Benefits

Benefits of Being a Mentor

Are you an established business leader? Consider serving as a mentor to the rising generation of entrepreneurs. Mentoring others will allow you to:

Invest in a new generation of business leaders

Share your hard-earned knowledge with others

Contribute to the entrepreneurial community of Kendall County

Expand your skill set through mentoring and teaching

Be part of a system of strong community partners that guides and counsels promising entrepreneurs as they expand their ideas into enterprises

Das GreenHaus finds ways to integrate your experience and guidance into our incubator programs. Mentors can expect to participate in workshops and sessions on topics like determining product viability, identifying a customer base, and building a pitch deck. We include mentorship opportunities as an element of our training and educational programs.

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