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Das GreenHaus is a great place to start a business. We offer a variety of benefits to help you get your business off the ground and establish your presence in Kendall County.

When you start your own business, you’re investing in more than just your company; you’re also investing in the future of your community. Kendall County will flourish when it can rely on a network of thriving entrepreneurs. 

Our goal is to offer an opportunity for Kendall County talent to bring their dreams to fruition while having the ability to grow their business in their hometown.

Das GreenHaus is committed to providing the resources you need to start a business and see it grow.


An entrepreneur incubator will provide you with the space, resources, and guidance you need to get your business off the ground. Young entrepreneurs can take advantage of immeasurable benefits by becoming a member, tapping into programs and resources such as: training programs and educational workshops; mentorship program; start-up friendly workspace and facility, and networking with other business leaders.

Das GreenHaus is a hub for sustainable, entrepreneurial activity that transforms Kendall County while preserving the tradition and singularity of our community.


Located in Boerne, Texas, our 4,700+ square-foot facility offers both dedicated and non-dedicated workspaces and meeting rooms. You can host meetings and test your ideas. Flexible memberships and pricing are offered to fit your current budget, allowing you to control costs in the early stages of your business.

Das GreenHaus is committed to connecting new leaders to previous generations of successful entrepreneurs. Our mentorship programs provide a relational environment where you can discuss your vision and learn from coaches who understand your industry.


If you start your own business, you’ll have to quickly learn about business plans, financing options, legal structure, and much more. Our training programs and educational workshops will bring you up to speed so you can streamline the launch of your business.


The best business resources can be hard to obtain on your own, especially for young entrepreneurs. Our networking programs connect you to other business leaders in Kendall County, as well as investors who can help you bring your dreams to fruition in a supportive environment.

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Are you starting a business? Das GreenHaus can help you streamline the process and strengthen your ideas. 

Start your entrepreneurial journey by contacting Das GreenHaus today or schedule a meeting to discover more about how we can help you grow.

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