Das Greenhaus: An Open Letter

Intentional Impacts



For its first four years, Das Greenhaus was just an idea rooted in the data and findings of a 2019 research project. What emerged is an innovative community asset intended to nurture potential business ideas and bring them to market.

Fundamentally, DGH is a co-working space offering affordable private offices, entrepreneurial curriculum, and larger meeting spaces for rent. However, our ambition extends far beyond that. We’ve attracted remote workers seeking community, dreamers with ideas waiting to be organized and put on paper, and serial entrepreneurs eager to guide others through the bold and audacious steps toward independence. By implementing programming, such as mentorship and internship programs and hosting educational and networking events, Das Greenhaus has already begun making a significant impact. 

The Vision

In 2019, IC2 from the University of Texas Austin conducted a study of the Boerne and Kendall County area. The findings revealed a future that doesn’t support our growth. We recognized that our greatest export in Kendall County is our talented people—students, retirees, and workers. The top recommendation was that the Texas Hill Country needs to define its own future, including safeguarding water while also creating job opportunities for the current workforce in the Hill Country.

As a workforce and community, our talented individuals either commute into Bexar County, flying elsewhere, or work remotely from their homes, invisible to local support and systems. We took this feedback and initiated our efforts to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem. Taking deliberate steps, we established the Boerne Kendall County Angel Network to identify individuals in our community interested in and supportive of this concept.

Simultaneously, we began collaborating with local officials. The aim has always been to establish a public-private partnership that enables our community to retain and attract entrepreneurs, small business owners, and anyone else wishing to live and work in the Texas Hill Country.

The People

As we developed plans for Das Greenhaus and started connecting with people in our community, we realized that we possess all the ingredients to create momentum and opportunities. We are grateful for the companies, individuals, family offices, and foundations that have provided funding to Das Greenhaus, a 501c3 organization. These donors recognized our vision and have been early leaders in helping us spread the word.

As we continue to expand our reach and impact, there is a growing need for mentors—people willing and able to sit down and help our founders stay on their path, opening new opportunities while always remembering to have fun along the way.

The Impact

Since opening our doors on June 1st, 2023, we are proud to share that our program is yielding results! Our aim of impacting people across our region is gaining momentum:

8 companies are utilizing our private office space.

20 companies and founders are participating in our idea-to-market program.

We are actively partnering with Boerne ISD by providing an internship program that enables local business leaders to offer meaningful internship opportunities to nearly 200 students.

We are proud to promote two businesses located on Main Street: Post Haus and Assemble Cocktail

The Das Greenhaus mentor program has been formalized and is being implemented across our Idea-to-Market memberships.

As we continue to forge relationships across the region, it will be fascinating to witness the ripples and measure the impacts our programs and persistence are making across the Hill Country.

Looking Forward

As we launch into 2024, we feel like we’re guiding a rocketship as excitement builds and word spreads about the ecosystem being cultivated at Das Greenhaus. We welcome you to join us, and here are some great ways to get involved:

Founders: Let’s grow your idea! Our Idea-to-Market program is ready to help you organize your business and develop your business plan. We will match you with a mentor to guide you through the process.

Business Owners: How can we assist you? Let’s explore mentorships, development programs, and new perspectives.

Host an Intern: We offer an internship program designed to be organized, accountable, and meaningful for both the intern and the business.

Become a Mentor: Are you curious? We have founders who need a new perspective and business owners looking to level up. Share your experience and time with the future employers in our area.

Student Programs: We offer programs for high school, college, and trade students.

As always, our doors are open to the community, so please reach out and share with us how we can partner with you. 

Article by Justin McKenzie, Das Greenhaus Program Director


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