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“Who are you?” and “What is your story” are two of the first questions we ask any founder who walks through our doors. It is a crucial piece of starting a new business – to be able to clearly and coherently state what it is you do, why you do it, and how your business came to be. As a startup ourselves, always eager to share our story and tell why and how Das Greenhaus came to be, we were thrilled at the opportunity to do just that in not one, but two local publications last month. 

In a recent episode of the Building Texas Podcast, host Justin McKenzie and his guest Callie Roberson (Founder and Creative Director of Manifestive Design), discuss the importance of this type of “earned” marketing; essentially any marketing that you earn, as opposed to marketing that you pay for or “own”. Earned marketing can include public relations, interviews, articles, news stories, speaking engagements, etc. During the episode, Callie explains that businesses “earn” marketing by being “super connected.” As any startup or small business knows, it is imperative to have multiple opportunities and avenues to share your message, reach your customers, and talk about what you offer. We are excited to share our two most recent “earned” marketing stories below. 


The article published by MySA details the founding story of Das Greenhaus; from an initial dream, securing investors, managing city and county contributions, all the way to designing the organization’s mission and vision. From our perspective, a highlight of the article is the quote shared by Texas State Representative Ellen Troxclair. Troxclair initially got involved with Das Greenhaus when she joined Program Director Justin McKenzie on his Building Texas podcast. The episode was filmed at Das Greenhaus, and after the recording took place, Justin was able to give Troxclair a tour of the property as well as share the organization’s story with her. Troxlcair told mySA, “I’m excited to be a part of supporting their success and seeing the long-lasting positive impact their efforts will bear — both in Kendall County and across the state.” At Das Greenhaus our mission centers around impact; hence even our blog is titled Intentional Impacts. We strive to have a positive impact not only on local startups and small businesses, but also on the programs that are a part of our community’s schools, on business leaders and mentors, and on the Boerne Kendall County community as a whole. We aim to promote responsible growth, economic opportunity, and the creation of jobs. To hear our local representative describe Das Greenhaus as one capable of “long lasting positive impact” is a celebration for us. 

Boerne Business Monthly

The Boerne Business Monthly (BBM) article brought about not only another opportunity to share the Das Greenhaus story, but also provided the ideal moment to step back and thank one of our founders, Kathy Estes. While Kathy is well-known in the Boerne community, what many people don’t know is that when Das Greenhaus first opened its doors in June of 2023, Kathy served as the volunteer Executive Director and was also the sole-staff member of the organization. Kathy’s dedication to the Das Greenhaus mission is celebrated in the article, and we are so appreciative of the time, effort, and care that Kathy put into making sure Das Greenhaus’ launch was successful. The BBM article also features several of Das Greenhaus’ newly re-furnished spaces (by CORE Office Interiors), including our co-working spaces, as well as both our training and conference rooms, which are available for rent and serve as an ideal location to host business meetings and small to midsize community events. The article goes on to explore the many resources and scaffolds our entrepreneurs experience when joining the Das Greenhaus community, from entrepreneurial curriculum, to mentorship, networking, and funding opportunities. The article describes how Das Greenhaus meets each founder where they are at and supports them in the launch of their business. Finally, also recognized are several other foundational members of the DGH organization, including former Board member and current Program Director Justin McKenzie, as well as Boerne Kendall County Economic Development Corporation President and CEO as well as Das Greenhaus board member, Amy Story. Justin and Amy are featured alongside Kathy Estes on the cover of the magazine, and also referenced in the article for their contributions, expertise, and dedication to Das Greenhaus. 

It was an honor to be featured in these two outstanding local publications. We welcome any opportunity to share the mission and vision of Das Greenhaus with our local community and look forward to continuing to share our updates, successes, and opportunities to get involved with the Das Greenhaus community.

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Article Written by Samantha Morganroth, Program Coordinator, Das Greenhaus

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We could not have chosen a better month or a more fitting theme to be featured in BOERNE LIFESTYLE. Investment, the theme of the magazine’s April issue, is not only at the heart of what we do here at Das Greenhaus, but it is also what inspired the creation of our organization and it is what our entire mission is built around.
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